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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Last ObjectWeb Board Meeting

On Dec 11 & 12 was the quarterly ObjectWeb Architecture meeting, held in Paris (Alcatel HQ). A board and a college meeting were held on Dec 11. They were the last such meetings to be held in the framework of ObjectWeb.

ObjectWeb is an agreement (basically a contract) which ends on Dec 31, 2006. It has been decided not to renew it... but to incept a new, independant nonprofit legal entity instead. Code-named "ObjectWeb v2" so far, this new association is to be registered by the end of the year. It will then after continue and expand ObjectWeb's activity under the name "OW2". OW2 is really a name for insider: it basically comes from the collaboration between ObjectWeb and OrientWare - two O-something-W-something names.

The last board meeting was the opportunity to look back to the tremendous progress achieved by ObjectWeb over the last 5 years. Some figures... as of today, the community counts:
  • 72 corporate members (+1 registration pending)
  • 8177 registered users in the Forge
  • 723 CVS committers
2006 was anticipated as a year of transition between ObjectWeb as it used to be and OW2. Thanks to all people involved in the Executive Committee, with the help of the Board and contribution from the members, we ran ObjectWeb in line with the then current consortium agreement. Since April 2006, 15 (+1) new corporate members joined and 15 new projects were added to the code base (again, +1 pending). This is a pretty vibrant community, which is now to be handed over to OW2 for continued expansion.


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