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Friday, June 09, 2006

OSS2006, Como, Italy

It's definitely not a pain to go to Como (Italy) for a conference. Although I leave all year surrounded by mountains (Grenoble), I must admit Como has a very special atmosphere, due to the steep mountains around, the lake, villas, warm weather, vegetation and.. Italian pasta! The OSS2006 convention in addition brought excellent papers. I want to highlight here the paper from CALIBRE team about business models. It really brings new answers to the question of open source business models, with the concept of "whole product" and, by the way, gives good insight on the value proposition that ObjectWeb may offer to its members.
Also speznt some time sitting in a panel with Stefano de Panfilis and Brian Fitzgerald. Interestingly enough, Brian came up with this concept of OSS 2.0 - which is roughly what I call "3rd generation of open source". It seems that we are converging here - except for the version number...
This trip to Como and OSS2006 definitely was time well spent!


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