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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Gartner OSS Summit, Barcelona

In Barcelona only for 1 day. Attended two presentations: one from M. Felix (Amadeus) about their use of open source, the other from Mark Driver (Gartner) about OSS Business Models. Sounds like 2005 was a transition year and today, visions on OSS business models tend to converge. There's definitely no one business model for open source. According to Mark, all other facts being mitigated, close source will not gain over open source. All other things equal, close source will never win. He lists 7 models for vendors: Consultancy, Service & Support, Packaging, Stack Integration, Patronage (aka 'Loss Leader'), Extend & Enhance (aka 'Embedded'). Jean-Pierre Laisné sat in a panel this morning.


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