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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bull Signs Partnership with JBoss

"French systems and services provider Bull has formed a broad partnership with JBoss that could see the Red Hat subsidiary's open-source middleware used more widely in Europe." (InfoWorld)

From a Bull perspective, this move makes perfect sense. But it also is an excellent opportunity for ObjectWeb to develop closer relations with JBoss and their community of users – as anticipated when Red Hat announced the acquisition of JBoss. As an independent, nonprofit organization, ObjectWeb – today, and ObjectWeb v2 soon – has an important role to play in the global open source middleware landscape that commercial entites cannot take in isolation. Open source is first and foremost about collaboration, simply because it's a rational, proven approach to build commons and to develop innovative strategies in the software arena. I would like to congratulate Bull for its long term commitment to open source and for paving the way today to new fruitfull collaboration on enterprise grade open source middleware. I also invite ObjectWeb members to welcome this announcement and explore new opportunities with an open mind.

And anyway, ObjectWeb is open. JBoss may very well join as a company. This would be an interesting message.


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