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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Issuing a position to the upcoming EU consultation on RFID

The European Commission is soon to start a consultation on RFID ( http://www.rfidconsultation.eu/docs/ficheiros/JdS_RevGS.pdf) through 'your voice in Europe'. We proposed the idea of coming up with an ObjectWeb position to contribute to this consultation. Such document may typically be a four-page paper.

We are not starting from scratch.

You will find attached a report from a working group run in the framework of a study from the French Ministry of Industry. This document (in French) covers many aspects that, to me, seem fairly well aligned with ObjectWeb's (emerging) position. During the first 2006 architecture meeting, Humberto Moran (OSI) proposed to work along the line of 'privacy friendliness'. I think this is to be taken into account too.


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