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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Libre Software Meeting

I gave a presentation about ObjectWeb at the Libre Software Meeting. LSM is a community event organized on a volunteer basis. As we did for the last years, someone from ObjectWeb organized and chaired the "middleware" track. I was the one this year.

Guillaune Sauthier, JOnAS committer and member of the JOnAS core team, gave a technical, although high-level, presentation of JOnAS. Coming soon: the replication of stateful EJBs for failover purposes (in the next version of JOnAS); JORAM high availability and load balancing; JSR88 based deployment wizzard (codename Dolphin); EMB support; automated cluster monitoring and autonomous configuration (JOnAS 5?). Target date for JOnAS 5: alpha by end of 2005, first release 1H 2006.

An online questionaire is available for community to provide feedback and express wishes for JOnAS 5.

Stephane Traumat presented a case study/best practices about the development of a complex J2EE application.

Stephane is currently co-authoring a book about JOnAS titled "JOnAS Live" to be published by SourceBeat soon.

Luis Aris presented XWiki, an ObjectWeb project. XWiki is more than an application; it also is a middleware platform that can be used to develop applications... such as a wiki! XWiki is the first wiki to be supported with professional services. Appart from being a geeky gimmick, wikis are a simple yet efficient collaborative tool, eg to incite developers to document their work. XWiki is used by EADS, IRCAD, NEC France, Mandriva, MForma... The XWiki.com hosting facility totalizes about 3500 wikis to date. XWiki allows the development of applications inside the wiki, with Grrovy or Velocity. XWiki benefits from Google's "Summer of Code" ($2 million alloted to a selection of open source projects) for 7 mini projects. XWiki currently is GPL; may become LGPL soon (industrials such as EADS do not like GPL for obvious reasons).

During the cocktail reception, given at the city hall, learnt from F. Couchet (APRIL) that the directive about software patent was about to be rejected by the European Parliament.

Nice walk into the beautiful city of Dijon then dinner with other delegates, from various communities.


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