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Friday, June 24, 2005

JOnAS in the Sky (With Diamonds?)

JOnAS is used in LibreSource, a platform used to develop the SPIS project that involves contributors from US, Europe & Japan Space Agencies:

LibreSource is a software platform dedicated to the software development and management of distributed communities. LibreSource is the collaborative platform used to develop the open-source project SPIS, that aims at developing a software toolkit for spacecraft-plasma interactions and spacecraft charging modelling. Initiated and supported by the European Space Agency (ESA) and mainly designed by ONERA and Artenum, SPIS was started in December 2002 in the frame of the scientific and industrial SPINE community.

Initially European, the SPINE community is international today, with about bout 100 members, including the American (NASA, US-Air Force) and Japanese (JAXA) Agencies. In extension, LibreSource Enterprise Edition, has been chosen by these space agencies as a tool of collaborative work and centralised archiving in the frame of a program of standardisation and cross-validation of spacecraft charging simulation software. The SPINE's LibreSource platform is hosted by Artenum.

LibreSource’s design, based on the JAVA/J2EE technology and the application sever Jonas resulting from the ObjectWeb project, enabled to develop a set of robust applications, while disregarding the underlying software architecture.


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