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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Steve Garone on ObjectWeb Celtix

Steve Garone, Vice President and Senior Analyst, Ideas International: "Customers are increasingly moving toward services-based approaches to building new IT architectures and applications. Because of this, they are coming to realize that the traditional hub and spoke, proprietary, EAI approaches to integration very often does not truly meet their requirements and they are demanding alternatives. ESBs are becoming increasingly popular, and with Celtix, an open source Java ESB, IONA and ObjectWeb are providing the ability for the broadest range of companies to take advantage of this highly flexible, scalable approach, and delivering the means to deploy SOA in their enterprises."

Steve quoted in SearchWebServices: "Enterprise-ready, mission-critical software is never going to be free. " -- "perception of openness is extremely important" -- "It's great for the people who like digging into the technology itself"


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