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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Sun and Open Source Enterprise Java

Sun today announced at JavaOne two open source projects: Glassfish (open source version of its J2EE appserv) and Open ESB, an open source implementation of JBI. They already have the code base for the first, they are calling for contributors to the latter.

This may look like a strange way of doing things, doesn't it? ObjectWeb's ESBi has been around and public for over 1 year now. Does Sun suffer from NIH syndrom? This is very unlikely. Sun has long been a supporter of community efforts.

The deal here more likely is for Sun to try to capture the ESB market and steer it towards Java. But business integration obviously goes beyond Java -- be in in the .Net or "legacy" worlds. The whole purpose of ObjectWeb ESBi is to remain open and to target the creation of a toolbox of components, some for Java platforms, some for non Java ones. With a long history in interop, Iona (lead of the newly incepted ObjectWeb Celtix project) has the expertise required to contribute to open-source or commercial solutions for cross platform integration.

Something a Sun-hosted, Java centric Open ESB may have a hard time to achieve. It'd make sense that Sun and ObjectWeb join their forces and find complementarities.


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