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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

ObjectWeb Architecture Meeting

Two projects presented at the Architecture Meeting, held in Grenoble, France, today.

Gael Blondelle, from EBM Websourcing, presented a project proposal for implementing the JBI (JSR 208) specifications. According to me, the nice thing about their proposal is threefold:
- they propose to implement distribution features at the container level, so that a single administration domain may be distributed
- to achieve this, they propose to rely on JORAM, an ObjectWeb MOM that comes with nice clustering features and supports JMS. They also think of using XQuark and Bonita.
- the development would involve several companies of the consortium

Representatives of Engineering presented their Spago and SpagoBI projects. They are proposed to ObjectWeb -- and the projects are currently being reviewed. I'm not aware of the final decision though. SpagoBI is a proposal targeting business intelligence, that goes beyond what Eclipse BIRT covers. BIRT is about reporting, whereas SpagoBI encompasses OLAP, data mining, etc.

I tried to give a preview on what the future of ObjectWeb may be. A rationale for letting ObjectWeb grow has been approved by the board on June 20, 2005. It will be refined in the comming months and be gradually unveiled to the community as it becomes clearer. Input from the community is of course welcome at any time.


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