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Thursday, June 23, 2005

ObjectWeb Founder to Retire

Yesterday, during the afternoon session of the Architecture Meeting, we learnt that Gerard Vandome is about to retire. Gerard is JOnAS' project leader. He was at the origin of ObjectWeb.

It was back in 1998-1999. Teams from Bull, INRIA and France Telecom R&D were collaborating on middleware research projects. Gerard, who was with Bull, conviced his employer to open-source a project he was working on: an EJB server. It was the very first open-source EJB project, and the precursor of all open-source implementations of J2EE. JBoss did not exist yet. At this time, Marc Fleury reportedly came around and proposed to Gerard to work for him! For some reason, it did not happen. Gerard's idea was to promote a collaborative and nonprofit vision of open-source. With Jean-Bernard Stefani (FT R&D) and Roland Balter (INRIA), he created ObjectWeb, and worked to give it a legal framework. ObjectWeb became a consortium in 2002.

Gerard will retire in a few months. We all owe him one for what he did in favor of open-source middleware!


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