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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

ObjectWeb and Orientware merge to form OW2 Consortium

The new "OW2 Consortium" is the result of ObjectWeb and Orientware joining their forces to build a global and powerful alliance. After extensive consultation of the community, its rules of operation have been defined on the following principles:

  • enhanced commitment from the members, through three levels of membership (Strategic, Corporate and Individual)
  • deliberate market awareness with the underlying rationale to bridge the gap between enterprise developers and users
  • a refined governance model promoting increased participation from the community, with three councils addressing technology, ecosystem development and operations
  • possibilities to create local chapters so to facilitate international development in a decentralized way.

The ObjectWeb consortium agreement ends on December 31, 2006 and OW2 Consortium takes over on January 1, 2007. Current ObjectWeb and OrientWare members (along with new comers) are invited to join OW2.

Membership will not be automatically transferred. New membership and new project submission will no longer be accepted by ObjectWeb. However in the short term, the ObjectWeb web site and Forge will be kept up and running, so project and community activities can be carried on without interruption.


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