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Monday, November 14, 2005

Talk at Upcoming Sou+Java Conference

I'll deliver a talk on Monday (November 21, 2005) at Sou+Java International Developer Conference in São Paulo, Brazil:

Focus on Middleware: how Companies can take control of their infrastructure

Middleware is the new frontier for open source and brings opportunities to contain costs, to focus on innovative engineering, to find new sources of revenue and to go to market with unique competitive advantages. With members in about 80 countries and hundreds of committers, ObjectWeb is a fast-growing, nonprofit organization that focuses on high-quality open source middleware. For example, JOnAS from ObjectWeb was the first open source application server developed in a nonprofit way to achieve J2EE certification. The benefits of open standard compliant, production-grade middleware is made available to everyone as an alternative, or as a complement, to proprietary solutions.

In this presentation, you’ll learn how ObjectWeb succeeds in creating a business ecosystem that is a land of opportunities for all open-source players from research labs to innovative SMEs, from global companies to governmental organizations.


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