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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

SpagoBI -- First Open Source Unified BI Platform

ObjectWeb member Engineering contributed the SpagoBI platform to ObjectWeb. SpagoBI is a unified business intelligence platform (Business intelligence software enables executives to make better decisions by efficiently accessing and analyzing business data -- for example data coming from production, marketing, finance, HR or sales departments).

It makes it possible to get a synthetic view over data aggregated from many different relational databases and data stores, using models and analytical tools (e.g.: reports, queries and dashboards) including the chance to integrate analytical services of proprietary products such as Business Objects, Cognos, Hyperion or equivalents.

A typical example is the case of companies A and B merging. Company A uses Business Objects, whereas company B runs Hyperion. SpagoBI provides a platform to swiftly create new reports to the CEO that aggregate data from the two merging companies without having to modify the legacy systems. The ability to address such business needs is important to a systems integrator such as Engineering. This is the reason why Engineering decided to lead the SpagoBI project. Putting it under ObjectWeb’s umbrella is a way to ensure sustainability and adoption to the project, hence securing a market for professional services that would leverage SpagoBI.

SpagoBI offers the following classes of business intelligence features: data mining, QBE (query by example), OLAP (online analytical processing on dimensional analysis), reporting and dashboards. These features are all accessible in an Intranet mode, using thin web clients. SpagoBI does not reinvent the wheel - it leverages existing open source projects such as JasperReports, Lucene, OpenLaslo, etc)

SpagoBI also comes as a complement of other ObjectWeb projects (eXo Platform as a portal engine, JOnAS as a J2EE appserver, etc). With SpagoBI, the ObjectWeb middleware stack achieves a yet higher level of functionality and stands the comparison with leading proprietary solutions.

Associated with ObjectWeb workflow engines such as Bonita or Shark, SpagoBI may provide BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) features. In a nutshell, the idea is to let SpagoBI generate activity reports based on the logs that come from the workflow engines.


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