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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

BYOC - Build Your Own Community

On Sept 14, 2005, I blogged about an emerging OSS business pattern. The news today illustrate this pattern in the ObjectWeb sphere of influence.

Peter Sayer wrote about Continuent in ComputerWorld today. Continuent is the new name of EMIC Networks, a Finnish member of ObjectWeb. EMIC also started a small OSS portal under the same name of Continuent.

As expected in the pattern described in my previous post, EMIC sought venture capital (they are reaching step 4 of the pattern I proposed).

EMIC decided to host some of their projects licensed in BSD on a portal of their own, other LPGL'ed projects remaining on ObjectWeb (C-JDBC to begin with). This choice may dilute the efforts to some extent and be prjudicial to their own business in the long run. Building your own community is not that simple, and the pattern would probably better work if they decided to propose their projects to the ObjectWeb consortium.


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