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Monday, October 24, 2005

JOnES Project Accepted

The JOnES project has been selected by the French RNTL network. JOnES is a project submitted to RNTL so to help funding the development effort around a JBI based ESB framework.

JOnES is expected to provide significant contribution to the ObjectWeb ESB initiative activities, more specifically the Petals project.

Close collaboration b/w several ESBi actors: EBM WebSourcing, France Telecom R&D, Odonata, Open Wide, ScalAgent, integrators, users and research laboratories (Ecole des Mines)
It will contribute to valorize of INRIA R&D technologies (Fractal, Dream, GoTM) and integrate ObjectWeb components (JORAM, LeWYs, XQuare).

Demonstrators for integration and valorisation of the usage of components will be developed (Telco-oriented use case, cross-enterprises collaborative process and heterogeneous applications)


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