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Monday, October 17, 2005

... Join Them!

Talking to CBR, Marc Fleury (JBoss) mentionned the idea of JBoss joining ObjectWeb:

"As well as IBM, JBoss is also considering getting closer to the ObjectWeb Consortium, home to the rival JOnAS application server. "ObjectWeb has had JOnAS for a long time and it has been the focus to some degree," said Mr Fleury"

As ObjectWeb is quickly becoming the natural home-ground for open source middleware players, this would be a pretty natural move (and a significant recognition for ObjectWeb). The consortium is expanding fast (size doubles every year), is gaining significant traction (eg: in the SOA space) and is still open to all. ObjectWeb is undoubtedly a source for high-end technology. For a SMB such as JBoss Group who sells professional services, it would make a lot of sense to cut down R&D costs by leveraging existing open source projects and to benefit from business traction in the ecosystem.


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