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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Candidacy to the OW2 Board...

Well it's board election time in OW2 and I'm candidating as individual members representative. My candidacy (under the 'official' guideline) is below...


We raised expectations, dreams and ambitions in ObjectWeb which I would like to see perpetuated. I offer to leverage the lessons learned in the ObjectWeb trenches and bring continuity between the now terminated consortium and the newly incepted association.

Although OW2, as a third generation OSS organization, is very dedicated to the needs of its legal entity members, we must keep in mind that our community hails from an free/open source software background. Individuals are important.

Because I'm ending my mission with INRIA, I joined OW2 as an individual member, not bound to any one legal entity member interests in particular. I offer to represent individual members and to help maintain the balance of powers in our global community.

The motivations of individual members range from raising their professional profile to the sheer passion for technology. They contribute to the overall expertise of the community, sometimes to the code base, and often act as champions in their organizations. I offer to do my part and keep spreading the word with an OW2 board member hat on.

Applicant Bio

15+ years of experience in software design, innovative engineering and project management (and... geek background since the early days of personal computing). Served as product manager in the field of EIS/DataWarehouse for the pharmaceutical industry. Co-founded a software consultancy and served five years as an associate for global corporations. Currently terminating a mission at INRIA (the French National Research Center in Computer Science and Automation) as project manager.

Joined ObjectWeb in July 2002, as the 17th registered individual member. Contributed to running the ObjectWeb consortium and community since 2003, and to bringing it to a membership of 73 corporate members and over 100 open source projects. First worked on ecosystem development / communication. Evangelized about ObjectWeb, its values, code base and rationale in the press and in over 35 events around the world. Evolved to a position of ObjectWeb deputy executive director, and executive director in 2006.


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