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Thursday, February 01, 2007

ObjectWeb village on Solutions Linux 07

This year we did not organize an ObjectWeb conference in Q107, simply because the ObjectWeb consortium agreement was over. Yet, the team arranged a village on Solutions Linux expo floor. In my experience, it was the best ObjectWeb stand/village ever on this show. This at least demonstrates that we learnt from experience and that trial and errors fine tuning eventually pays off. The nice thing with the village was its open atmosphere, with no cumbersome piece of furniture blocking sight. ObjectWeb members Sogeti, Engineering, Thales, EBM WebSourcing and Edifixio were on the village. I also had the pleasure to chair a day of conferences about open source middleware / ObjectWeb. It was a very well packed day indeed with both technical and busines oriented presentations. It ended with a refreshing presentation by Benjamin Mestrallet, who demonstrated eXo's killer WebOS.
Amongst other pearls, I especially liked this comment from Laurent Guerin, who explained out of solid field experience, that it's always very hard to explain to the CIO why it needs more time, more staff and more budget today to do the same as we used to do, 10 years ago, with 4GLs...


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