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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

ObjectWebCon '06 Feedback

Damn! Time flies and it's already weeks since my last post... It's so busy at ObjectWeb these days.

Catherine Nuel, ObjectWeb's event manager who worked to organize the 5th annual conference, ObjectWebCon '06, collected feedback about the conference:
  • 68% of the attendees where from France, 32% from other countries
  • 43% were ObjectWeb members, 57% not ObjectWeb members
  • 63% came from the private industry sector
  • Quality of content was rated "Excellent" by 67% of the attendees, "Good" by the rest
  • the SOA session was the most appreciated, with 75% "Excellent" and 24% "Good"
Generally speaking, we got good feedback both from attendees and from visitors/sponsors of the ObjectWeb Village. Co-location with Solutions Linux was well appreciated too. I personnally noticed that the session about "ObjectWeb explained" (Wednesday morning) was pretty packed.

During this session, we presented plans for the future of ObjectWeb: "The ObjectWeb consortium is giving itself a makeover this year to make its open-source software more suitable for business use and to help it expand further outside Europe. [...] The changes aim to address what ObjectWeb sees as shortcomings in the way most open-source communities operate. With open-source software becoming mainstream, staff must be appointed to ensure that road maps are adhered to and to deliver software 'of a level of quality that enterprises can rely upon,' the group said. 'In an international and multicultural environment, this requires more than an informal community,' it said."

For those who did not make it to OWCon '06, we gather a photo album available online. All presentations are available online too. Enjoy!


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