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Friday, January 06, 2006

Come to ObjectWebCon '06!

This year, the ObjectWeb annual conference is collocated with Solution Linux, one of the main GNU/Linux and Open Source software events in Europe (about 10,000 visitors). An “ObjectWeb Village” gathering conference sponsors will be featured on the main show floor. This co-location is designed to combine a mainstream mass event and a distinctive high-profile conference.


January 31, 2006
  • morning - plenary keynote sessions
  • afternoon - parallel sessions: enterprise grid and enterprise information integration
February 1, 2006
  • morning - parallel sessions: Open Source business models and focus on ObjectWeb
  • afternoon - parallel sessions: service oriented architectures and e-government
February 2, 2006
  • General Assembly of ObjectWeb members
  • morning & afternoon - parallel sessions focused on ObjectWeb projects
  • Jesus Villasanté, European Commission member – “The middleware strategy from a European viewpoint.”
  • Paul Sterne, CEO of Sterne & Co. LLC – “The evolution of Open Source business models”
  • Steve Craggs, Founder and President, Saint Consulting Limited; Vice-Chairman, Integration Consortium – “SOA Ecosystems - The Secret to SOA Success”
The ObjectWeb conference will take place at CNIT, the world-class conference hall of Paris La Défense, on January 31-February 2, 2006.

To help organizers, register as soon as possible!


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