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Friday, August 19, 2005

Conspiracy Theory, Explained

So... No British Open Source Connection (see James' answer to my previous post)!

Apache Geronimo's announcement on TheServerSide, Aug 5, 2003:

"Section 0.2 : warning signs
We feel that this project has a good chance for success as the following warning signs do not apply to the project we are proposing :
c) Homogeneous developers: The current list of committers represents developers from various backgrounds and open source projects, employed by various companies and based around the globe in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. There will be no majority bloc, at least from the start.
d) Reliance on salaried developers: None of the initial developers are currently paid to work on the J2EE project.
f) A fascination with the Apache brand: The committers are interested in developing a healthy open source community around an ASF/BSD licensed J2EE certified server, whether Apache is the right place or not."


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