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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

First day at LinuxWorld, San Francisco

ObjectWeb has a .org booth at the show. As for the last few LinuxWorld, we are neighbors with Usenix, and it's always a pleasure to meet Cat Alman (Usenix), who's on duty on almost all the shows! Discovered that my talk was actually scheduled on Thursday, 1PM, instead of today. Philippe Ombredanne (NexB) showed up from the Eclipse .org booth that he was helping man for a few hours. Joe Eckert (Open XChange) dropped by our booth to chat. Told him about the article on Open XChange's PR budget, then he hit the roof!

After talking with Paul Sterne (GM Americas, Open XChange), I got the explanation. In the article that Paul published in LinuxWorld, he mentioned a buget of less that $150k/y. The operative word here was "less"...



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