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Thursday, August 11, 2005

2nd Day at LinuxWorld

Nice talk with folks from COSI (Carnegie Mellon West university), organizers of the upcoming first COSI conference. Met Donna and ObjectWeb chief architect Emmanuel, from Emic.

Sushi lunch with Stephen K. Kwan (San José State Univ) and Cliff Schmidt (Iona and Apache VP). Stephen studies the economical dynamics around open source projects. Cliff recently accepted to take care of legal matters for the ASF. Greeted him with an "good luck". He confirmed that he usually gets such greetings, wheras anyone else for anyother position would receive congratulations! Cliff is VP of Apache and also very familiar with ObjectWeb. He was the one who did the submission of the Celtix project to ObjectWeb.

Apache is considering mitigating its guidelines wrt licenses, so to allow projects to have dependencies (or actually reuse and bundle?) LGPL components. This would make collaboration between ObjectWeb and Apache much easier. A first objective might be to make parts of JOnAS & Geronimo pluggable into one another server.

In terms of collaboration between the two organizations, Cliff and us (Christophe and I) agreed that it would be a nice step. Another one would be to introduce guidelines in the Apache reviewing process for incubated projects. They would request project submitters to look around for projects from other communities (eg ObjectWeb, CodeHaus, ...). In the event that similar project exist elsewhere, Apache would require a strong case before accepting a submission that may otherwise turn out to be a reinvention of the wheel.

A natural examplification of the interest of such a process is the OSCAR story. After being an ObjectWeb project, a proposal for an Apache OSCAR project has been submitted to the ASF: "The OSGi community at large, several Apache committers and members would like to start a new project based on the existing Oscar OSGi Container which Richard Hall is graciously willing to donate". The project has been accepted in the Apache incubator without anybody noticing that OSCAR already was an ObjectWeb project.

The feeling I have here is that we missed a good opportunity to let Apache and ObjectWeb work hand in hand, whereas just creating a new (incubated) project at Apache may dilute efforts - not to mention the frustration of some ObjectWeb members who provided support, in terms of resources (eg academic partneships), promotion (keynotes at conference, etc) and enthousiasm. A better reviewing process for Apache incubated projects would help. ObjectWeb's process already takes into account the existence of similar projects in other communities.

Daniel Lopez, from BitRock showed up to say hello. Daniel did a wonderfull (and volunteer) work for ObjectWeb, by providing and configuring an installer for ObjectWeb's CD.


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