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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

COSGov Conference

Only two weeks to the COSGov Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam (September 28-30, 2005).

In 2004, the Vietnamese Government has identified Open Source as a way not only to reinforce the national software infrastructure required for efficient governance, but also to give a new chance for Vietnam to master this infrastructure and incubate a national software industry.
In its first edition, the COSGov Vietnam Conference will focus on building cooperation in the field of open-source for eGovernance.

Unfortunately, I won't attend it -- and will miss opportunities to meet folks there. But some of these folks may come to the next ObjectWeb architecture meeting. Congrats to the COSGov organizers -- and a special salute to those who work just next door from my office and that have proved very dedicated to making it happen!


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